Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

Have you heard of The Sketchbook Project?  SO cool.  Essentially it's a travelling exhibition of sketchbooks that anyone can participate in.  You send in a few bucks (25 to be exact), they send you a sketchbook and a theme, and you doodle, paint, alter, and get your art on.  Then you send it back and you become a featured artist in their exhibit!  For a few more bucks (20), they'll even scan your sketchbook, and put it in the online show. A dream come true for anyone who's ever want to have an art show.

This is the second year of The Sketchbook Project, so it's new and improved with a cataloging system!  Your sketchbook gets it's own code so friends and family (and you) can easily find it online and at the show. Cool, eh?

I'm definitely going to sign up, but I'm trying to decide whether to do it solo, or as a family project.  I think I'm leaning towards family project. With a family that spends our free time building steampunk lego ships and drawing robots, this could be interesting... :)

Click here if you want to sign up, too!

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