Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Look for Less

It all started with this Orla Kiely outfit:

I LOVE it.  The pattern mixed with the stripes, the layers, the leather bag and tights.  It's stylish without being pretentious or elite looking, with a bit of humor... everything I love.

Trouble is, I'm a thrifty kinda gal (read: cheap), and I don't have a few hundred bucks to drop on this outfit.  And it's hard to recreate, as no one does an Orla Kiely pattern like Orla Kiely and that is why we like them.

Still, I really want to recreate this layered, mixing of patterns look.  So I did my best to find some more wallet-friendly options. Which wasn't easy, people - I think I looked at every printed dress available for purchase on the entire Internet - and I'm still not sure I nailed it, but take a look:

We start with a great printed dress (or even a top with a black skirt or dark jeans could work):

If you are more modest like me, you can layer the strapless dresses or a solid color tee.  Then adding a second (or third layer), go for a striped cardigan:

Add some solid (neutral) color tights, some platform shoes like these suede covered pumps from Charlotte Russe:

And a great leather-look shoulder bag:

Charlotte Russe bag                              Target Bag

And voila!

So what do you think? Ready to go fall shopping?

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