Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Target gets all classy.

I'm sure many of you have seen the latest Target/designer collaboration blowing up the Interwebs - John Dreiman housewares

I myself will be getting this beauty here: 
Dahlias + cupcakes? Holla!

Even more interesting than more beautiful housewares?  The fact that you can get first dibs some of the collection through a Target partnership with the Gilt Groupe.  (I know, it's all fancy with the "e" n'stuff).

Gilt is best know for "discounted" designers duds - and when I say discount, I mean like that Chloe purse is just $1299 instead of $2000 - so it's an interesting choice for a Target partnership.  I'm curious if this will lend even more weight to the growing "discount designer" trend and lead to more hi-end+lo-end partnerships.

The Gilt preview will not only feature the John Dreiman collection, but upcoming collaborations with British it-bag maker Mulberry (oh please let there be leather-like bags), and Tucker (print dresses and blouses).
You can see other quick peeks at some of the merch here.

The catch?  You have to be a "member" of Gilt's email list to access the sale.  You can go to Gilt and sign up for the waiting list, OR... you can go to Target's style blog to get on the list right. now. And get $10 to start you off.  See? I love you.

The Gilt preview starts this Friday, August 20th, at noon, so mark your calendars and take the cards out of the freezer!  As for me, my checkbook might need a 12-step program by the time I'm done. :)

Update: I'm on the Gilt site now and the Target sale is SHUTTING it down.  I finally got my tiered stand - it kept logging me out when I tried to checkout - but the black patent Mulberry tote I wanted was sold out within ONE MINUTE. Literally.  Can only hope Target carries it in-store. Cross your fingers! 

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  1. Holy freaking crap.
    Great, now I have to go to Target. LIke right now.