Thursday, May 20, 2010

For the Love of Paper - Part 3

I know I'm bombarding you with paper artists right now; it's an obsession. But, really, with such beautiful works of art... who's complaining?
Eloise Corr Danch's Paper Flowers were recently featured in W Magazine (first pic) and at Macy's Flower Show.  I especially love the window display in the second pic - so gorgeous and creative!

Images courtesy of Elise Corr Danch
Scissors and Paper Rock has a great post on artist Ivano Vitali, who CROCHETS paper. Totally different from anything I have ever seen:

Images Courtesy of Scissors and Paper Rock

And Upon a Fold has a beautiful post on an exhibition from French Artist Daniel Mar.

Daniel's work incorporates elements both elements of whimsy, but also some works a bit on the macabre side (see the final pic above). I especially love how he uses the pieces of paper he has cut out back into the work, making it especially three-dimensional and layered.

Image courtesy of Upon a Fold

Images courtesy of Daniel Mar

Find even more great posts on Paper Artists at Upon a Fold and Scissors and Paper Rock.

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