Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Everyone wants to have the cool kid at school (or playgroup, or family reunion...). Either you already have kid(s), or you're one of those people who don't have kids but think, "If I were a parent, I'd be awesome. My kid would awesome. He'd be like Maddox + Kingston TIMES INFINITY."
Even people who fall into the "there's a reason the animal kingdom eat their young" category has a godson/niece/bestfriendfromhighschoool's kid who is the "IhatekidsbutthiskidisTHEcoolestkidever" kid.

All those cool kids gotta look cool, so thank heavens for House of Mongrels. Organic, eco-friendly playclothes with vintage-esque graphics like rockets and robots.

And if there's anything cool, it's rockets and robots. And House of Mongrel has plenty of both. Check more out on their website, or at Urban Baby Runway.

Your kids can thank me later.

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