Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home Makeover

I've been daydreaming constantly about redecorating my entire place. Nothing too fancy schmancy - I have kids, so it's got to be comfortable and anything too "nice" will be trashed in seconds (all the stuff that is already trashy gets trashed in seconds). However, we've never really gotten organized and decorated the place, and the creative designer inside is getting antsy. I know it will be a work in progress, because I want it to be both beautiful and on a thrifty budget. In the meantime, I've been hunting for ideas, mostly on Etsy and on blogs for DIY decor.

Project #1) The Office

An amazing (and removable!) wall decal, a shot of bright yellow calm, and DIY wallpaper-covered file cabinet to finally - FINALLY - organize all that paperwork (although I'd probably choose something a bit brighter to bring that yellow back in).

Clockwise, from top left:

- Iron Vines Wall Decals from Blik

- Keep Calm and Carry On Poster from Etsy

- Wallpaper-covered File Cabinet by Casey Green at Fossil. Instructions here
(and check out the rest of her awesome house

I'm also thinking of making some nice floor pillows, as our office doubles as a playroom for the kids, and maybe a nice rug to cover up the icky carpet (oh the joys of rental. One day when we buy, there will be NO carpets in my house).

What do you think? Any ideas?

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