Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2010 Costume Institute Gala!!

A few years ago I met a friend in New York for a girls trip. We were short on time, so we only made it to one museum - The Met. I enjoyed the collection, but more than that was walking up those steps. Those steps. Every year, the Costume Institute holds the holy grail of fashion galas. Pose after pose, dress after resplendent dress, all carried and modeled and walked along those steps at the Met.
Find pics of the glorious CI fashions here, here, or here.

Favorites (oh too many): Marion Cotillard, Maggie Gyllenhael, Emma Watson, SJP, JLo, Diane Kruger, and Brooke Shields (really). I also like Nicole Ritchie, though many did not.

Not so much: Tina Fey (sigh), Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart (double sigh), Vera Farmiga, Rosario Dawson, Donatella Versace (who is skeletal...ugh ugh ugh!)
image courtesy of Yahoo OMG

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