Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who is Fifi Lapin?

Have you heard of Fifi Lapin, "the world's most stylish bunny"?  Fifi is certainly the most fashionable animal - illustrated animal, nonetheless - that I have ever seen.  Take a look:

Fifi Lapin (lapin = "rabbit", for all you non-Frenchies) has been around for a couple years, with a blog and Etsy shop where you can buy print of the oh-so-chic bunny.  But with a new book about to be published, appearances in Vogue, AND even the main star of the Topshop show in Tokyo, Fifi is now very, very big:


I am so entranced by Fifi, because it's such a fun idea.  Fashion illustration used to style, rather than as a concept for my design, is my favorite. (Ruben Toledo for Nordstrom is another amazing example!)

Most intriguing of all... who IS Fifi Lapin?  Nobody knows. Well, maybe Vogue and Topshop do, but in the general public, the blogosphere... nothing. 

I kind of love it. 

Images courtesy of Fifi Lapin

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