Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Oldie but Goodie...Ruben Toledo

So my post from yesterday on Fifi Lapin made me crave some Ruben Toledo.  If you have never seen Ruben Toledo's whimsical, bold, graphic illustrations, you must take a peek.
Here are some samples from his 2008 collaboration with Nordstrom:

(Source: NotCot)
Yeeeaaah.... don't you just lose yourself in these images?

The above pictures are probably Toledo's best known work for Nordstrom, but they are celebrating a ten year collaboration this fall!  Nordstrom has a wonderful video with insights into their collaboration here.  I HIGHLY recommend it.

Notable quotes: I especially love when Ruben Toledo says that one artist influences the other and it's an "endless dialogue".  Also, loving the mystery man that says "Fashion really walks a tighrope between commerce and art, and when it's done really well, you can't tell the difference." AND... I love love love that ruffled Valentino coat!  I want.  (Just watch the video, ok?)

Here is some more eye candy from the Fall 2010 Nordstrom Designer Catalog:




Hello, coat.

AND... some pics of Ruben Toledo's studio:

Images from The Selby

Last but not least, Ruben is married to fashion designer Isabel Toledo (lead designer at Anne Klein, Michelle Obama's favorite designer, a shoe collection at Payless... this could be a whole other post)!  And their house. is. amazing. Check it out at this Harper's Bazaar story.  I want to have them over for dinner.  There would be "endless dialogue".

Side note: Isabel uses Ruben discarded sketches as her personal stationary!  Isn't that sweet?

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