Friday, July 30, 2010


Hello friends.

Obviously, I've been gone awhile.  I swear I didn't abandon you.  I just took some time off.

I was so excited to finally get all my creative thoughts out of my head and into the blogosphere that I took a flying two-footed leap into this new world of blogging. and. did. nothing. else.


And as fabulous as immersing myself in the rabbit hole that is design blogs, with a full time and three kids and a house to clean... yeah, that only worked for so long.

So I took some time away from the Interwebs for a while and just was.  Was a mom. Was an employee. Was a wife.

And then... all my favorite sites started calling my name.  My RSS feed kept tapping my shoulder.  And once I started browsing again... well, you know how it goes.

So I'm back, and in a good place. Dreaming. Being creative. Starting ventures (slowly).  Writing again.  Re-acquainting myself with this wonderful community of artists and bloggers whom I hope to one day call my peers.

I'll be blogging again, but maybe not quite as frequently.  But often.   Because I've missed you.

Will you join me?

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