Monday, April 12, 2010

The Small Stakes

I am absolutely in love with designer Jason Munn. Featured in an recent article on, he has a new book out called “The Small Stakes: Music Posters”. Munn has designed striking, minimalist prints for years for bands that read like an Indie 101 primer: Death Cab for Cutie, Spoon, She & Him, The Decemberists, Beck and Sonic Youth are among his clients.

In the intro to the book, Death Cab for Cutie's Nicholas Harmer writes, "I still marvel at his sense of what isn't needed. His work is not overstuffed, crowded or noisy. And I identify with his humble lack of showiness."

Munn's designs are extremely simple, yet brilliant. In design, editing is key. What you choose to omit is as essential an element as what you choose to include.

I also really his Munn's commitment as an artist. Munn says, "I went to school for design, but I didn't want to make brochures for insurance companies. I wanted to design for things I cared about."

Rock on, Jason Munn.
Jason's Website: The Small Stakes

Update: Grain Edit has a great "ambush" interview they did with Jason Munn several years back. Check it out here. Also, they are preparing an upcoming interview with him on his new book, and they are asking their blog readers for questions! Email them a question by 2pm this Friday, May 7th to be considered - Jason will pick questions to answer from the emails.

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